1-15-18 Jason Mascitti on the Mitch Henck Show

 Hear the amazing story of Jason Mascitti’s quest to survive a rare strain of Hairy Cell Leukemia that gave him a slim chance of living past age 45… 20 years later…he teaches us all how to deal with crisis..

12-20-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Mike Mikalsen on the new dust up over the John Doe Investigation….Tim Graham talks about Anti-Trump coverage of tax cuts….Phil Kerpen on what the tax cuts will do for the economy…

12-20-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Authors of “Voices from the Bayou” discuss racism on all sides in Louisiana and how The Hurricane healed. Phil Dawson talks about his new career after sports.

12-13-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

David Blaska on the John Doe III investigation …Steve Strang on his book on Trump’s bond with Evangelicals…Pastor Phil Blackwell on whether a baker should decorate a cake for a Gay wedding.

12-13-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Sam Ness plays guitar and promotes his first album….John Nichols on Trump and 2018 and his new book on The Capital Times…

12-06-17_Mitch Henck Show

Will Trump be taken out or not. Should The U.S. move it’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?  John Vodry on the anti-hate rally at The Terrace Sunday…and Rich Reynolds on his run for Secretary of State…an office he wants to eliminate….

11-29-17_Mitch Henck Show

Mitch talks to his Aunt Janie about sexual harassment in the work place. Mike Mikalsen says Conservatives are fighting back again Elizabeth Warren on The Pocahontas slur. Jed Sanborn grades the Republican tax plan…