05-25-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Rachel Alexander of The Stream is hot on the trail of The Seth Rich Murder. Dave Anthony of WIBA days talks about his recent trip to Europe and how America is viewed over there.

05-23-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Brian Beebe is Mitch’s co-host. Mike Mikalsen says The impeachment calls against Trump are backfiring. Al Perotta of The Stream says Trump enemies are going for a coup d’etat.

05-23-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Susan Smedley Gerber is a lung cancer survivor who talks about Free to Breath.Jeff Block advocates for Wisconsin baseball to come back….

05-18-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Steven and Paula Fitzsimmons call on the public to support Madison Police. Max Hosking talks about his successful qualification through the first phase of U.S. Open qualifying…as he heads to Newport Beach in the next phase.

05-18-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Mitch recaps the latest in The Trump Sharkfest….Paul Soglin calls on Shooting witnesses to talk to the Mayor’s office if they don’t trust the police.

05-17-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

We talk the obstruction accusations against Trump.  Madison city and parks revitalization and the San Francisco minimum wage.  

05-16-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Curtis Hauk of The Media Research Center talks about media obsession against Trump. Stephanie Taub on religious freedom. Rolf Lindgren pushes back against Trump critics.

05-15-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

The Media hysteria over Donald Trump reaches a fever peach. Trump stays defiant. Mitch reads Charlie Sykes’s column in The New York Times on how Conservatism has been replaced by Anti Liberalism.

05-15-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Mike McCabe of Blue Jean Nation talks about Voter Fraud and whether there is one case of someone posing as someone else at the polls. Mitch has advice for college graduates. Steve Siegler talks about The Greater Madion Men’s Softball League.