07-26-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Geoff Dickens on comparing coverage of Ken Star to Robert Mueller. Stu Sweeney on the wonders of Alkaline Water  The Conspiracy Guy on more DNC emails and Mitch opines on wacky words and phrases.

07-19-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

John Huebusch of The Reagan Library compares the anti-Trump Media to that against Reagan. Jeff Block on bringing back Wisconsin baseball. and The Conspiracy guy on The Don Jr. meeting set up. And Joe Scalissi on the 100th birthday celebration Concert for Dean Martin.

07-11-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Co-host Brad Glassel joins Mitch for the whole show which features John Nichols on Russiagate. Sly weighs in on Paul Soglin’s plan to pay informants of those who use guns illegally.

06-27-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Kirsten Lombard talks about tolls and why we don’t need them. Rachel Alexander talks about the right to refuse a gay wedding a cake…Michael Cummins on the dangers of never talking to anyone who disagrees with you.

06-27-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Rolf Lindgren argues that Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery are both innocent. Bill Wilson talks about health care and what’s going to happen.

06-22-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Jordan Goodman talks about The Senate Health Care bill and why he thinks it could lead to deaths…Bett Hulsey weighs in from the left on the bill.

06-22-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Gerald Celente says Iran could lead to World War III. Kevin Kanes says compromise is possible on Health Care…Mitch talks about the most fun sports..