09-13-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Guest host and candidate Wisconsin Governor, Brett Hulsey, in today for Mitch. Robert Kraig talks the Foxconn giveaway, his update on the democratic race for Wisconsin governor, and medicare. Rolf Lindgren stops by weighs in on Foxconn.      

09-13-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Galileo talk with Brett and Rolf Matt Philbin from newsbusters.org talks bias hurricane coverage concerning climate change. Rolf predictions for the 2018 senate race

08-30-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-2

Ken Oliver Mendez on The Texas attempt to outlaw Sanctuary cities and James Kaplan on his second Sinatra volume..”The Chairman.”

08-15-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Brett Hulsey talks about his run for Governor….John Zmirak says the only thing that matters in Charlottesville are violent lefties who wouldn’t allow the White Supremacists to speak.

08-09-17_Mitch Henck Show_Hour-1

Tom Coburn talks about massive debt in the U,S. and how our young people are screwed.  Mike McCabe says he will run for Governor and slams the Foxconn deal….