3-14-18_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Irish songs and jokes.  To be all Irish or not to be all Irish…that is the question.  Stevie Ray Calls in!  Stories from back in the day!

3-7-18_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Hi!  We’re talking Beatles, news media, tariffs, books and drones.  George calls in!  Don’t miss The Britins this weekend at Monks.  Stevie Ray weighs in on the death penalty for Nikolas Cruz.

2-28-18_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Talking stain removal, facebook habits and high tech stuff.  The fear of the dark web.  We talk a bit about The Britans Show at Monks, next Saturday, March 10th.  Stevie Ray calls in and talks about the road.

2-21-18_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

We’re Back!!!  Happy Valentine’s Day…!  Stevie Wonder, Stephen Bishop.  Steve Haupt and George call in today.   Lawrence Welk talk and “Edwina” calls in!

1-10-18_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Talking about podcasting possibilities.  We discuss the legalization of marijuana.  Then Brian talks about the Robin Zander Show at Monks last weekend.  Karen calls in.  Wedding songs and we almost delve in to the would nonsensical topics, then Stevie Ray calls.

12-13-17_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Happy Hanukkah!!  Christmas and the recent Alabama election.  A short story about Christmas, by Brian.  Christmas Songs and jokes!  Ed Legg Calls in and talks about his nude interview with the Oak Ridge Boys…wait what?