1-10-18_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Talking about podcasting possibilities.  We discuss the legalization of marijuana.  Then Brian talks about the Robin Zander Show at Monks last weekend.  Karen calls in.  Wedding songs and we almost delve in to the would nonsensical topics, then Stevie Ray calls.

12-13-17_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Happy Hanukkah!!  Christmas and the recent Alabama election.  A short story about Christmas, by Brian.  Christmas Songs and jokes!  Ed Legg Calls in and talks about his nude interview with the Oak Ridge Boys…wait what?

11-22-17_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Thanksgiving talk!  Beatles conspiracy!  Some Thanksgiving jokes, and some cooking and meal stats.  A David Cassidy story.  Karen and Mitch give us a call and talk about Black Friday.  Christmas songs!

11-08-17_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

One Year anniversary!!  We talk Trump and Putin’s upcoming meeting in Vietnam.  Also the current state of texting grammar.  Ed Legg calls in to give us the scoop on dirt sales in The Dells.  Stevie Ray Nelson weighs in the grammar topic.

11-01-17_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Erika Olsen, vocalist from Madison based band The Retro Specz, visits and talk some music and gigging; also the upcoming show at the Great Dane in Hilldale, Nov. 4th..  And so much more…maybe she’ll sing?

10-18-17_Brian Beebe-Half Hour Variety Hour

Hello!  Today we talk about the NFL kneeling controversy.  Then we get a bit heavy and discuss nuclear consequences.  We go down memory lane and talk about garage bands, back in the day.  Brian gives us the rundown on the upcoming Nov. 4th Xeno & Joe show at Monks.  And a quick story on Brian’s…