09-13-17_Brian Beebe – Half Hour Variety Hour

Update on the Irma aftermath with Biran’s son Rob.  George says hello!  Dawn and Penny get caught goofing off at work 🙂  Also Brian and Rob talk about growing up in a multi-cultural community.  Ed Legg and Karen call in!  

08-23-17_Brian Beebe – Half Hour Variety Hour

Brian talks about Robin Zander’s nearly sold out show, at Monks, January 5th-6th 2018.    dan.collar@monksbarandgrill.com for info.  We also talk about performance rights oganizations.  Morine requsts “It Had to be You”.  We review the evolution karaoke.  Ed Legg calls in!

08-2-17_Brian Beebe – Half Hour Variety Hour

Today we talk about Brian’s home town; Rockford, IL.  The way we used to help each other out, in the past.  Opiate abuse and the political ramifications, and then George calls!  Ted and old friend of Brian’s reminisce on the high school days and Karen, from Michigan, makes a couple song requests.  Also Brian’s son…

06-27-17_Brian Beebe – Half Hour Variety Hour

We talk The Beatles today!  Mike Massey gives us a call and we talk a little Beatles vs. Stones and the Paul McCartney death conspiracy. Also, our buddy Ed Legg weighs in on The Beatles conversation.  And Bob Hufford asks about the windmill status, and Bob Haupt calls last minute to give us input on…