4-17-18 Mitch Henck Show Live!

   Mitch talks about snowy weather in April 17th. He is also chats with Brian Beebe about Trump’s alliance with Fox News and why that could turn ugly…Also The Conspiracy talks about the Syrian Chemical attack as fake.

4-11-18 Mitch Henck Show Live!

 Mitch talks Paul Ryan retiring…the latest on Trump….Master Chef Joe Hoppe talks about his International Cuisine from The ID Restaurant at The Delafield Hotel..and Jerry Huffman on meeting the woman who once a little girl in a picture with his Dad in World War II in Czechloslovakia…

3-28-18 Mitch Henck Show Live!

     Dr. Peace talks about gun control and Mitch challenges him….Nick Kangatis explains why Trump wants to ask about citizenship on the Census….Curtis Houk compares Stormy Daniels Coverage to coverage of Bill Clinton’s accusers. Phil Sklarr on the Sister Jean Bobblehead and why they’ve sold more than any other Bobblehead.

3-7-18 Mitch Henck Show Live!

   Charles Franklin on Donald Trump’s popularity and The Democratic Race for Governor. Marilyn McEntyre on her book, “Make a List” and why March is the best month of the year.