Mitch Henck

Mitch Henck

Whether hosting a talk radio show, cracking up a young crowd at a Comedy Club, or singing the songs of Sinatra while headlining at a night club with Mitch’s Big Show, Mitch has memorable, very funny stories to tell about life—his life, his kid’s life, your life!

He began his preparation for a career in entertainment at the age of 7, practicing basketball play-by-play watching television. A lover of good music from early on, while his friends were listening to Bread and Van Halen, Mitch’s favorite music was anything by Francis Albert Sinatra.

Following graduation from Butler University, his early broadcasting career took him to South Bend, Indiana where he called basketball play-by-play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Then it was on to Green Bay where he worked as a television reporter and news anchor for the NBC affiliate. When he wasn’t chasing a news story, he could be found bartending at a local sports bar on a busy night.

Next stop Madison at NBC television. With a political bent from early on, Mitch gravitated toward state government. After 8 years in front of the TV cameras, he moved into State of Wisconsin Attorney General Jim Doyle’s office as Director of Communications. All this time….doing basketball play-by-play, anchoring and reporting on television, and guiding the public communiqués for Jim Doyle, Mitch was practicing his hobby of standup comedy. Mitch welcomes life’s family stresses and personal setbacks because he often works them into his act.

For more than a decade Mitch hosted a highly rated talk show on 1310 WIBA. His fans are now catching his daily video podcasts “2 Minutes with Mitch” at and are listening to the webcast of the All New Mitch Henck Radio Show 8:00 – 11:00 a.m. Monday – Friday.

Weekends you’ll find Mitch on stage presenting The Big Show, ( ) which is the best of Mitch’s standup comedy and Mitch’s favorite Sinatra songs, backed by Mitch’s Trio. Or he might be emceeing and doing standup for a private party or a corporate gathering.

Mitch Henck – the Talk Show Host, the Standup Comic, the Entertainer!