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If you have a serious gift of gab, have stories to share, have political, social, or religious positions to express, contact MadisonTalks to have your own 60-minute weekly podcast recorded and posted for the world to hear. Have a new book to promote? MadisonTalks is the ideal place to promote it. Fly solo or line up guests for your weekly live talk session. The moment your 60-minute segment finishes live streaming, it will be posted at MadisonTalks.Com for listening or download 24/7. Take your message to the world with MadisonTalks.

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Talk Personalities you will hear at MadisonTalks.Com:

  • Mitch Henck: Long time Madison talk show host and standup comic. Hear Mitch live, 8-11 a.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Governor Tommy Thompson: Former Wisconsin governor and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Service on American Renewal.
  • Kaleem Caire: The former Director of The Greater Madison Urban League and the current Founder of One City Pre-schools.
  • Brian Beebe: Wisconsin Dells piano bar legend brings music and comedy. (Thanks to Monks, the place where people always have fun.)
  • Phil Blackwell: Noted theologian, former Senior Pastor at The Chicago Temple and First United Methodist Church, Madison, WI.
  • Elden Davis: Pastor/Teacher for The Church of The Narrow Way and Wittenberg Ministries.
  • Jeff Mayers: Founder and the President of WisPolitics.com
  • Bob Schlicht: Past President of M&I Bank, Madison. Talks about his new book and the mentors in his life.
  • Nick Chiarkas: An award winning author of “Weepers” a Novel about murder in New York in 50’s. A former New York Cop and Wisconsin Public Defenders.
  • Tom Caputo: A Madison Businessman and author of a new book on his father Carlo Caputo, called “The Phantom Don”.
  • James Kademan: A business Coach and entrepreneur who helps you start your own business.
  • Jeff Schadt: Researcher, counselor, author of “The Secrets of Influential Parenting” and Executive Director of the Youth Transition Network.
  • Dr. Robert Enright: The founder of the International Forgiveness Institute, has created a pathway to forgiveness that can help you forgive if you willingly choose to do so.
  • Roger Stone: An American political consultant, lobbyist, and strategist, noted for his use of opposition research, usually for candidates of the Republican Party.
  • Bill Troy: Author, speaker, and CEO of Civilis Marketing and TroyResearch. His new book is Click Sand: How the Pitchmen of Online Marketing Suck You in and Ruin Your Business.